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Does Sugarloaf require me to sign a service agreement?

No. Unlike most Internet service providers, Sugarloaf does not require customers to sign a long term service agreement. However, all customers who use the Sugarloaf Internet service are bound by the following terms:

1. Sugarloaf will provide wireless Internet equipment to its customers. and customers will grant access to Sugarloaf to remove its equipment upon termination of its Internet service. The Internet equipment will remain the property of Sugarloaf for the duration of the service period.

2. The customer assumes responsibility for use of all equipment provided by Sugarloaf and for any loss or damages to equipment caused by severe weather, lightning or other acts or nature. Sugarloaf will, at Sugarloaf’s expense, replace any equipment that fails due to normal “wear and tear” for a period of one year following the date the equipment is installed. After a period of one year, the customer is responsible for paying the cost of replacing or repairing the equipment at the current market value of the equipment. 

3. Sugarloaf Internet service is provided to its customers on a month to month basis, and may be cancelled at any time by either party by giving written notice 30 days in advance of said cancellation. Sugarloaf retains the option of modifying its service plans and/or pricing structure at any time in order to meet its business needs. 

4. Sugarloaf Internet service is not intended for critical application usage where down time would cause a health or financial hardship, or a loss to the customer. Sugarloaf is not liable for any losses or damage caused by service interruption or outage. 

5. Customer agrees to review and comply with Sugarloaf's Acceptable Use Policy. 

6. Payments are to be made monthly either by check or by credit card. A late fee of 5%/month may be assessed for past due payments over 30 days. Sugarloaf reserves the right to discontinue service if payments are past due by 60 days or more. Payment for equipment installation and the first period of usage are due upon completion of the installation.

7. Use of the Sugarloaf wireless Internet system by the customer constitutes acceptance of the terms above.