High Speed Internet For Rural Communities

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Download Speed (Mbps)481620
Upload Speed (Mbps)24810
Monthly Cost$55.00$85.00

Sugarloaf Network Systems offers high speed Internet plans based on our new FiberWave technology. This technology utilizes the latest generation of wireless equipment coupled with fiber optic connections to offer customers much higher speeds than other wireless Internet companies at very competitive rates. FiberWave technology is available across our entire service area and supports high speed applications such as VPN, video streaming with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, Voice Over IP telephones, video security cameras, etc.

Monthly rates for FiberWave wireless Internet services for new customers as of February 1, 2018:

Avalibility of each plan and associated speeds are determined by site conditions, proximity to our towers, and other variables.  All plans are not always available to all customers in all locations.

Bandwidth may be increased on any account for an additional cost of $10/month/Mbps.  Initial installation pricing ranges from $100 - $300, depending on the complexity of the installation and the type of equipment required, with most installations averaging $100.  You will receive an exact installation cost during the survey of your site. 

Existing customers wishing to take advantage of our new FiberWave technology may upgrade their equipment for a one-time cost of $95, then pick any of the plans listed above.

Wireless Network Coverage Area

The map below shows the approximate area served by the Sugarloaf wireless Internet service. Please contact us to schedule a site survey to determine the optimal hardware and software configuration for your location. 

Internet Service Plans: